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Cracking the Norwegian Code

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Norway rank among the happiest countries in the world, but Scandinavians may not always look so happy at first sight. Why so?

Welcome to an eye-opening and entertaining lecture with Julien Bourrelle. This lecture is Julien’s most popular lecture in Norway.

Julien Bourrelle focuses on the peculiarities of Scandinavian social behaviours and their meaning. It provides a guide to socialize, communicate effectively and connect within a multicultural working environment in Norway.

Julien uses humor to make you reflect about how your culture influences you more than you think. Through entertaining stories and visual examples, you will learn about verbal and non-verbal communication, social norms, rituals and values that influence interpersonal interactions across cultures.

The lecture is based on Julien’s simple illustrations which help us understand culture and cultural differences in a funny way.

Welcome to afterparty!
You ar all welcome to Savoy bar (4th floor) for drinks and social activities after the lecture!


Purchased tickets will not be refunded, unless the lecture is cancelled.